Meet the team

The planning team behind is uniquely equipped to innovate cooperative development. We are bringing together some of the brightest and most entrepreneurial minds in the co-op community for this project.

Greg Brodsky

Founder of The Bike Cooperative, Co-founder of the Independent Brewers Alliance, and Board Chair at Cooperative Development Institute

Lindsay Gaskins

President New Business Ventures at CCA Global, former vice-president at Sandbox Ventures incubator

Felipe Witchger

Co-founder & Director of Community Purchasing Alliance which is a social-purpose cooperative that leverages the buying power of schools, churches, and synagogues

Camille Kerr

Associate Director at the ICA Group, is a well known co-op developer with expertise in ESOPs, worker cooperatives, and other structures that empower workers and communities, focusing in child care and home care

Nathan Schneider

Co-founder of platform co-op conference. Known thought leader, professor at University of Colorado Boulder.

Howard Brodsky

Co-founder, CEO at CCA Global Partners, NCBA Board, Board Chair at Cooperatives for a Better World, NCBA Co-op Hall of Fame

Helene Lesterlin

Managing Director of Programs and Startup Services at The Trillions Co. focusing on impact investing and social innovation startups; Co-Founder and Managing Director of CO, a co-working co-op in Rhinebeck NY