Start.Coop 2020 Application

A couple of things before we get started: this application has been designed to mimic a pitch process and includes many of the questions you get from potential partners, foundations and investors. Our intent is for you to share information that you have readily available or develop answers that you'll need along your start-up journey anyway.  Depending on how far along in your journey you are, this application should take somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. 

You can not save your application in typeform, so please make sure you have all your business information and any supporting materials you care to share on hand (things like a pitch deck, business plan, or video pitch are all welcome).

Okay let's dive in!!

  1. What is the name of your cooperatively owned business?
  2. Please share your business' website: (if you have one already)
  3. Who are the founders?
  4. Who is completing this application? (name and role)
  5. What's your email address (or addresses for multiple founders)?
  6. Now's let's get to the good stuff: What is your big business idea? (Share your elevator pitch version in 200 characters or less)
  7. Tell us more about the specific problem you are trying to solve?
  8. How does your business address the problem you described?
  9. Tell us more about your business model. How will the business work? How will you generate revenue? What product or service will you be selling? 
  10. Who will be the owners of your cooperative?
  11. Who do you see as the most likely customers? 
  12. What is the opportunity size? (i.e how big do you think your potential market is?)
  13. Who currently serves your likely customers in a similar way? (competition)
  14. What do you see as the top 3 biggest challenges in your business model? 
  15. What does success look like for your business in 5 years? 
  16. When did you start working on this project? (estimated date is okay)
  17. What stage are you at currently?
    1. Idea stage
    2. Pilot/prototype stage
    3. Customers/members already signed up
    4. Already generating revenue
    5. Already generating revenue & profitable
  18. Tell us more about your current stage of development
  19. Tell us a little about yourself, why you're doing this work, and why you're uniquely qualified to start and run this business (include your background or experience in this field).
  20. If you have a LinkedIn page, please paste the URL here.
  21. How about your co-founders or other key leaders within your business. What should we know about them?
  22. Who else is currently on your planning team, board, or advisory council?
  23. As an organization strongly committed to equity and justice we are especially interested in hearing from businesses led by, employing, and/or serving people of color, women, LGBTQIA, gender non-conforming persons, and people with disabilities. Please share with us any relevant information about your business and the people you serve.
  24. Please upload any supporting materials such as a pitch deck, business plan, or short video pitch. It's ok if your materials aren't fully polished, we know you're in start up mode! 
  25. Lastly, how did you hear about