Additional Resources

National Advocacy (USA):

Global Advocacy:

  • CLUSA is the global development arm of NCBA, providing cooperative development work and “technical assistance” in multiple countries.
  • International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) is the global co-op membership association representing co-op associations and developers in every sector, across countries. 

National Co-op Development & Technical Assistance:

  • Cooperation Works Network is a network of cooperative developers. If you are looking to get started, look to see if you have a cooperative developer near you (search under start ups). 
  • Democracy At Work Institute (DAWI) is a national organization dedicated to advancing worker cooperatives.  DAWI provides consulting, research, and training, check out their resources page. 
  • Columinate is a worker owned consulting group that offer co-ops, and co-ops in planning, skills, consulting and expertise on a variety of topics
  • The ICA Group is a consulting and research non-profit that offers technical assistance, business planning and feasibility studies.
  • Food Co-op Initiative is only for food co-op development but they do a great job.
  • Project Equity is a non profit focused on helping convert existing businesses to worker ownership.

Regional Co-op Development & Technical Assistance: (East to West)


  • Shared Capital is a loan fund that provides financing for cooperatives across a wide variety of sectors.
  • Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF) is a loan fund that provides financing with a primary focus on food, housing and worker ownership.
  • Working World is a loan fund that provides financing primarily to worker owned and employee focused cooperatives.
  • Seed Commons is a national network of geographically focused loan funds (including the Working World) mostly focused on worker ownership.
  • Cooperative Fund of New England (CFNE) is a loan fund that provides financing for many cooperatives across the New England states.

General business startup resources, outside the co-op realm: