The team behind Start.coop is uniquely equipped to innovate cooperative development. We've convened some of the brightest and most entrepreneurial minds in the co-op community for this project.

Greg Brodsky

Founder of The Bike Cooperative, Co-founder of the Independent Brewers Alliance, and Board Chair at Cooperative Development Institute.

Jessica Mason

Founder of Social Impact Studio, certified facilitator and coach of human-centered design, an instructor at the LUMA Institute, an Exec Ed Instructor at Harvard University, and a faculty member at Foster America.

Howard Brodsky

Co-founder, CEO at CCA Global Partners, NCBA Board, Board Chair at Cooperatives for a Better World, NCBA Co-op Hall of Fame.


Lindsay Gaskins

President New Business Ventures at CCA Global, former vice-president at Sandbox Ventures incubator.


Camille Kerr

Associate Director at the ICA Group, is a well known co-op developer with expertise in ESOPs, worker cooperatives, and other structures that empower workers and communities, focusing in child care and home care.


Helene Lesterlin

Managing Director of Programs and Startup Services at The Trillions Co. focusing on impact investing and social innovation startups; Co-Founder and Managing Director of CO, a co-working co-op in Rhinebeck NY.

Nathan Schneider

Co-founder of platform co-op conference. Known thought leader, professor at University of Colorado Boulder.


Felipe Witchger

Co-founder & Director of Community Purchasing Alliance which is a social-purpose cooperative that leverages the buying power of schools, churches, and synagogues.


Danny Spitzberg

Well known researcher, writer and facilitator for the cooperative economy, founder of Peak Agency, and former lead trainer at CoFED (Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive).