The Program

We accelerate ownership that shares wealth. exists to build an ecosystem that lifts up, supports, and accelerates cooperative entrepreneurs on their business journey.  Our accelerator selects the most promising teams from across North America and provides them with training and support embedded in our rigorous business curriculum and world-class mentor community. is supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs who are expanding ownership in business sectors ranging from healthcare to the gig economy. We prioritize businesses that create wealth for people of color, women, immigrants and other marginalized populations.

We believe that a more robust ecosystem for co-op startups will create more shared ownership businesses succeeding at scale - which means unlocking broader prosperity & greater economic opportunity for those who have been historically excluded from wealth generation.

Our 12-Week Accelerator

12-week, virtual and in-person program prioritizing underrepresented entrepreneurs.



Virtual and in-person workshops, webinars, resources,
and ready-made templates


Co-op experts to provide feedback, share connections,
and speed up entrepreneurs’ learning curve

Platform Services

Portfolio of recommended service providers
to save time and money


Connections to investors, pitch prep,
and term sheet building

Program Benefits

  • Cohort approach: Work and learn alongside other cooperative entrepreneurs
  • Tailored curriculum: Best in class start-up and cooperative business curriculum
  • Focus on scale:  We are uniquely focused on how to help entrepreneurs to scale their cooperative
  • Strategic mentorship: Access our community of real world experts & mentors
  • Platform services: Save time with vetted recommendations on lawyers, accountants, etc
  • Ownership in All graduates also become shareholders of, as we are a cooperative ourselves!
  • Investment: We invest $15,000 in each cooperative, and we are working to develop a community of investors who want to develop new investment models tailored to cooperative financing